It is with great pleasure that TESOL-Greece invites you to participate in our Summer Event, which, for this year, will take place in the lovely island of Venus in the dates shown above.

It is a tradition for us here in TESOL-Greece to organise an event at the end of the school year not only to continue our professional development, as there are always presenters in such events, but also to let some steam off, to be around friends and colleagues, to have fun and remember what it feels like to be part of a school excursion!

We have arranged for great prices-taking that it is High Season in Cyprus into consideration- both for airfares and accommodation.

We will be staying at “The Lordos Hotel” in Larnaka (a 4-star hotel with all the facilities you can imagine, on the beach) and the presentation will take place in the nearby campus of UCLan Cyprus, as the Rector has kindly offered the premises to us. The presentation will be about “Psychology in the Classroom”. You will also have time to visit the city of Larnaka and the sites around it, taste delicious food and relax by the sea or the pool!!!

We will have a great time!!

For further information, visit our official site www.tesolgreece.org  where you can click on “Future Events-Summer Event” or directly contact Ms. Antigoni Konstanti at 210-7488411